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Customer Relationship Management

Case Study

The Client: German manufacturer of fan wheels for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Business Challenge: Achieve sales improvement in Turkey and break into Middle Eastern markets

Our Solution:
Working with our client, and using a combination of desk and field research, we delivered accurate business intelligence on conditions in the target Turkish and Middle Eastern markets. Our detailed report listed the actions needed to achieve the required results in these markets. And we followed up with increased local support and a higher profile in the area.

To achieve sustainable and growing sales in the Turkish market, we set up a DENA teccon sales office, using local engineers who combined business and market expertise. This base enabled us to push forward with more rapid identification of the needs of customers who could now deal with a local, customer-facing organization, able to give them business support on the ground.
Results are already impressive, with significant sales increases in year one and very positive customer feedback.

The next step was to use the DENA teccon network in the Middle East target market as a source of business intelligence on market opportunities. Our strategic plan focused on key actions and was followed up by us with visits to potential customers. We are now establishing a sales office in the region to capitalize on the success we have already achieved in Turkey.

The Client: Turkish manufacturer of sealing elements (seals, O-rings), technical rubber, metal and plastic parts

Business Challenge: Improve sales in the German market

Our Solution:
We prepared a detailed market study and as a result, the client and DENA teccon set up a sales office in Germany, using a highly experienced local sales engineer. This allowed our client a closer relationship with the market and their customers. Using this approach and the DENA teccon network we were rapidly able to identify new customers and increase the scale of existing customer relationships.

The Client: Spanish manufacturer of test rigs for the automotive industry

Business Challenge: Identify additional sales opportunities in Turkey and in the Middle East

Our Solution:
We put resources into ensuring that our dedicated DENA teccon team knew everything there was to know about the product and the client’s business. We put this effort into training our team so that they would be able to identify the most appropriate markets for the client’s products and find the best sales channels within those markets.

Next, we worked with the dedicated partners to build up a personal relationship that will deliver the first contracts for our client.