Murat Baysan – Managing Partner of DENA teccon – attended the investment promotion and ground opening ceremony of the new production green field of Shanghai DENA Automotive Parts Co. Ltd. in Yu Xin Town, Jiaxing.

Shanghai DENA Automotive Parts is a Chinese-German Joint Venture company in the field of automotive components for roof application. The focus is on development and manufacturing of panorama roof guide rail technology for the Chinese domestic market.

Current operations based in Shanghai including the complete production machinery and staff are being prepared to move to Yu Xin Industrial Town in the district of Jiaxing City, approximately 90 minutes south of Shanghai. The start of construction work for the new plant of Shanghai DENA Automotive Parts is scheduled for 2019.

Yu Xin Town has developed a sustainable strategy to build a new city on the south side of the high-speed railway with tremendous progress in attracting new investments. DENA teccon experienced an attractive investment environment with Yu Xing Town having enormous potential to become a prosperous industrial hub.